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Mommy Dearest

The past several days have been an emotional roller coaster. Ask El Jefe. One minute I’m explaining the logistical considerations of dog poo removal, then I’m weeping with joy, and then I’m just cackling mindlessly. A coworker friend  compared my experience with pregnancy. Except, you know, I’m not preggers. I’m adopting a non-human critter from the Central Valley (very different).
But, dear readers, as much as it embarrasses me to admit, there do appear to be similarities between being with child and being with puppy. Disclaimer: I have never been pregnant, nor have I, to my knowledge, harbored a fetus in fetu. But, I have watched sufficient Lifetime movies and TLC specials to understand that baby production is truly a righteous God’s gift to Adam’s favorite rib. A gift I’ve politely refused… until now, apparently.
Yet, despite all the self-castigation, the similarities between the two experiences are undeniable. I’m researching doggie health insurance and puppy kindergarten. I’m debating the merits of cooking my own dog food (El Jefe said that maybe we should try to make ourselves home-cooked meals on a regular basis first). I’m afraid to start looking at puppy clothes because I might not be able to control myself.
I’m curious to see how this insanity evolves. Please feel free to leave your judgment in the comments section, which I have aptly renamed to promote ongoing, unsolicited advice-giving.


2 responses to “Mommy Dearest

  1. Aunt Rose ⋅

    AW! so cute. Congratulations on becoming a doggy mom. Your life will never be the same. You know we have two grand dogs. Now we are great dog aunt/uncle. Enjoy getting to know ACE. You will love her more and more each day. see you soon. Aunt Rose

    • Thanks, Aunt Rose! As you can tell, I am terribly excited. Hopefully she will be small enough at Christmas for her to take her first flight in a carry-on bag to meet her family.


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