Ace has been slowly recovering from the parasite infestation and its gross symptoms. I am happy to report that her last two poops have been solid (applause). I offer this video as testament to her recovery.

Thanks to everyone who offered kind words for Ace. She is doing much better today, although she despises the white rice and manages to tease the boiled chicken out of it like some kind of stealth ninja surgeon.

Worm Emergency

Ace, Jefe, and I spent the better part of the day at the vet ED with Ace’s favorite Aunties, who were visiting from the frontier of San Mateo. After hours of turmoil, which included me being unable to spell “bloody diarrhea,” Ace emerged victorious. She’s got a camel hump of subcutaneous liquid to show for her severe parasite infestation, which caused horrible side effects, the least gross of which was dehydration.

I learned a few things today: 1) Ace is an amazingly tough and calm little spirit, and I am beyond lucky to have her, 2) The same goes for Jefe, and 3) Good friends can make any situation better. For realz.

Puppy Progress

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We’ve had a big week, the little one and I. Our first vet visit yesterday included Ace’s first bus ride (MUNI #12, a relatively tame route), first crazy person (“She’s an anointed one!” she cackled, ostensibly referring to the mark on her forehead), and first anal insertion (luckily, a thermometer). I’ve been exposing her to… Read more.