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Puppy Progress

We’ve had a big week, the little one and I. Our first vet visit yesterday included Ace’s first bus ride (MUNI #12, a relatively tame route), first crazy person (“She’s an anointed one!” she cackled, ostensibly referring to the mark on her forehead), and first anal insertion (luckily, a thermometer). I’ve been exposing her to as many wild and mundane stimuli as I can imagine; she’s great with the blender thanks to Jefe’s valiant efforts while he’s on a tiki kick.

We’ve also been working on crate training/potty training, which has been much rockier than the socialization. Something I’ve learned is that, no matter what mammal you might be raising, you will be up to your elbows in poo and pee for the better part of their cute baby weeks/months/years. My god.

Puppy kindergarten began today, sans puppies. I’m pleased that there are other small dog pups in our small group, including another BT and a French bulldog (I call all French bulldogs “Mr. French”). I learned to be less anxious about potty training, and that pig ears are better for your puppy than rawhide. Right now, to equal parts horror and relief, Ace is snuggled up next to me gnawing the shit out of a greasy, dried pig’s ear that is half her size.

And now, for some cute photos of our hero in action!



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