Ace responded to my costuming her by showing me a different kind of fun.

Ace would like to wish everyone a frightening Halloween filled with hate. Why? Check out this video, taken on Friday evening, in which Ace’s Mama gave in to peer pressure and costumed her.

ED #3

Ace and I reluctantly returned to our favorite weekend hang out, the vet’s office. I had to explain to the receptionist that I do not have M√ľnchausen syndrome by proxy; I had emailed them the previous day with questions about Ace’s cold-like symptoms, and they responded by telling me to bring her in first thing the next morning. So, arrive we did at 8am on a bright Sunday morning. She has an upper respiratory infection, which can turn into pneumonia if not treated. She also might have a UTI. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of YET ANOTHER ANTIBIOTIC is… our old friend, diarrhea (I can spell it correctly now without hesitation). I’m not looking forward to going down that dark, stinky road again.

But you know what I am looking forward to doing? Showing Ace the ocean for the first time. Taking her to a Boston social. Playing fetch in Precita Park. Flying east at Christmas and playing in the snow. In the end, it’s always worth it to take care of her the best I can. I just wish it didn’t have to involve so much feces.

First Day of Daycare

I just received the following photos from the lovely people at SF Puppy Prep. Today was Ace’s first day in their puppy daycare program, which she will attend twice weekly to work on socialization, to give Mama a break, and to have all the fun a puppy can have! What a relief to know that she gets to have all this while I am working (I still used my lunch break to buy new puppy treats… Damn you, adorable, hungry puppy dog, damn you).