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Three Months

The past month has, in many ways, been one of the happiest times of my life. Watching Ace grow and learn, feeling our bond strengthen and broaden, has been incredible. Her body has changed so much. She now resembles a miniature BT; her proportions are similar to those of an adult, just tinier. Her hair is becoming more course on her lower back, while her head retains its baby softness. She can sit with a voice command if she isn’t distracted. She hunts down the biggest puppies in play group and tries to take them down (and is sometimes successful). She has learned what the potty is for, and her hit rate is rising (we were 3 for 4 this morning).

It has also been engrossing to watch myself become a dog mama. Only once have I gotten truly frustrated with her; I am able to maintain my patience with her in a way I’ve only known with my patients. I’m calm but alert, making sure she is safe and clean but also having fun. I feel a sense of pride in every poo that lands near the potty, in every clicker snap, in her ability to turn heads when we walk down the street. I feel like she is an extension of myself, or like we are monkeys and I am picking bugs out of her fur while she dozes in the sun.

I took this picture today during my lunch break, after I picked up Ace’s poo and before I fed her lunch. I am truly as happy as I appear. (Please excuse the breasts.)


One response to “Three Months

  1. marianne ⋅

    How could you not be totally in love with this puppy!


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