Ace took a break from running laps to play tug-o-war with a new fuzzy friend named Bean at tonight’s SF Puppy Prep puppy social.

Jefe and I were fortunate (fat?) enough to imbibe in a second Thanksgiving feast the day after the traditional meal. Ace came along, as our friends recently welcomed a baby Golden into their lovely new home. I was terrified by their white carpets and non-Ikea furniture, but Ace did exceptionally well and made not a piddle indoors. Aside from facing off with newly liberated indoor/outdoor gatos and narrowly avoiding being stoned to death by a heated game of Cornhole, Ace and Neko got in some quality wrestling time before dinner. Notice how about halfway through, I say that biting “skin is okay.” Thanks, Mama, thanks a lot.


Here is a story to warm your heart on this rainy Thanksgiving. It is about a Marine who is being reunited today with the dog that helped him get through his second tour of duty in Afghanistan. Ace is a powerful force of hope, love, and companionship in my life, and I can easily connect with the idea that a dog could help a Marine be strong enough to withstand war. Be thankful for what you have today, and if you are lucky enough to have a dog, congratulations!

Yesterday, Ace experienced her first visit to a dog park. There was no way I was going to pass up attending a Boston Meetup, which is when BTs and their owners take over the park once a month to allow these pups to play with their own. I was overwhelmed with cuteness, and the Meetup was overwhelmed with Ace. She did fantastically, which I attribute to her temperament and to all the hard work she and I have done socializing her well. Enjoy this epic and majestic recording by Jefe.

I am a proud volunteer at San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control, a branch of the City and County of San Francisco that manages the city’s needy domestic and wild animals. If you plan on shopping online any time soon (it’s the most wonderful time of the year, people), please consider clicking on this link and then accessing some popular shopping sites through their links (e.g., Amazon, Macy’s, Barnes & Noble, even Cabela’s). This will allow a portion of the purchases you were already going to make to be donated to ACC at no additional cost or effort on your part! Let’s help the less fortunate critters while we shop for our fortunate loved ones, including certain spoiled puppies…

Glen Park

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Ace had a big weekend, which included getting her rabies vaccine and microchip, beginning Junior High, and taking her first walk in nature. Today, she was flanked on all sides by aunties/uncles as we wandered through Glen Park. It marks the beginning of a new phase in Ace’s life; her world is about to multiply… Read more.