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ED to the 4th Degree

I commented to Jefe this evening that I believe Ace has never gone longer than two weeks without a visit to the vet. This remark was made, as you might have guessed, upon leaving the vet this evening for yet another exciting sighting of puppy blood. This time, it was a bloody left eye. After feeding her dinner, I noticed a flash of red, pulled up her eyelid, and lo, there was bright red blood in the sclera above her cornea. A text to Jefe cancelled our coveted Date Night, and we met at the vet instead.

The vet, amused by Ace’s adorable coat (I cannot help myself. Plus, it was actually cold, I swear), delivered the good news that the bleed was from head trauma and not from a laceration. Why would head trauma excite this psychologist? Well, I was picturing Jefe and I putting antibiotic drops into Ace’s eye for the next week, and I wanted to just give up and get her a glass eye instead. Self-consciously, I asked the vet if she thought it was the right thing for me to do to bring Ace in, or if I am becoming a M√ľnchausen mama. She laughed and said, “If your eye looked like that, what would you do?”

I thoroughly enjoyed an interaction between Ace and a little boy, small enough to be held in his mom’s arms. He reached gently for her face to pet her, and Ace gently licked his hand. He scrunched up his own face into a big smile and giggled, saying “Baby!” He then reached for her a few more times and was totally delighted each time she licked his hand. While I praised Ace for being so good with such a little kid, I think she just liked that his hand probably tasted disgusting, and thus, delicious.



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