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East Coast BT

Ace’s world exploded on Friday, when she boarded an airplane, sat on her Mama’s lap, and traveled across the country to visit my family on the East Coast. She was better behaved than I thought possible on the plane; it was one of the most comfortable and uneventful flights I’ve ever taken. Since then, she has met much of my family, visited a dog park that is larger than our entire neighborhood, and basically been absolutely and thoroughly spoiled by my parents. It fills me with incredible joy to have her here with me.

El Jefe is flying into New York tomorrow, where I will join him for a mini vacation before the Christmas festivities. My parents will be watching Ace; it will the the first time she has been apart from me since I brought her home three months ago. I am over the moon to have time alone with Jefe in my other favorite city, and amused that I am nervous to leave her with the very people who successfully raised a high-functioning human (and my brother). I sat down to write out a few pointers and ended up with a full-page, bullet-pointed list. My empathy for those who choose to breed grows daily.



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