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Six Months!!

Today, my furbaby is 6 months old. As I write this, she is stretched out over the length of my lap, head on my tummy, eyes closed, facing the soft light coming through the nearby window. I am more in love with her the longer I know her (and the larger she grows).

We had an epic week in our little family. UT visited from Philly for the week, and when he wasn’t chasing down the perfect shots of the Golden Gate, he turned his attention and his camera to The BT. I have a whole series of photos of her licking and thrashing about in my arms.

Ace also had some… issues… this week. My first clue was when she POOPED IN OUR BED, also dousing the comforter liberally with pee. We were so horrified, we were calm. Over the next few days, thanks to the wisdom of the Internet, it became apparent that her anal glands were clogged. After much soul searching, I decided to take her to The Dog Barber for some professional expression and a bath to tidy up. He was fast, professional, and very flexible, as well as fairly priced. I will be returning again the next time things get backed up in there.

On the walk to Roberto, Ace got her first exposure to rain. Usually, winter in the Bay is wet, but this year has been unseasonably dry and sunny. Despite wearing a raincoat, Ace was miserable, her little head soaking, water dripping off the tips of her flattened ears. She walked slowly and ducked into doorways every chance she got. Meanwhile, other dogs, large and small, ran by us naked down the street, seemingly oblivious to, or actually enjoying, the downpour.

The BT also graduated from puppy day care this week, and on Monday she will begin taking outdoor adventures five days per week with the lovingly effusive Rachel. I’m so glad I can give Ace a life that involves frequent beach going, play with other dogs, and satisfaction for her curious nose. And having a tired puppy to stretch out in my lap at the end of the day is a really nice bonus.


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  2. Dad ⋅

    Happy, Happy B’day Ace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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