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I’m not gonna lie: I love dressing up the puppy. I look at dog clothing and accessories on a regular basis, and all the ads chosen for me on various Websites are dog-related. I will spend more on a dog sweater than I will on a sweater for myself. This is another instance in which raising a child and raising a puppy in our culture have suspicious similarities.
I’ve been sublimating, or rather, redirecting my desires by focusing my purchases on collars recently. (and also, a Snoop Dogg t-shirt. I haven’t had the balls to post the photos. Yet.) Collars are the most appropriate, socially acceptable dog accessory. I mean, she needs to wear identification, right?? So now I have a small army of collars collecting. And with them, I desired a new dog tag (no practical excuse comes to mind). I found a Website where one can upload an image and have it made into a tag.

Whatever. You know it’s perfect for her.



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