Dogster Dog of the Day!!

Woot!! Ace is Dog of the Day at Dogster. Click on the link, then hover over the orange box on the upper right that says “Community,” then click on Ace’s picture to see her profile! Way to go, little girl!!

Raw Deal

I’ve been toying with the idea of switching Ace to a balanced raw food diet ever since the vet failed to explain her continued soft stools a few months ago. I was told the next step to investigating her GI issues was to switch her to a special kibble sold by the vet that consisted of only two ingredients. This was unfeasible because the kibble costs over twice as much as the premium dog food I already feed her, not to mention I would have to ensure that she ate not a crumb of other food for at least three weeks to see if the restricted diet helped. AND THEN, I was told, if it worked, we would simply stay on that expensive-ass kibble, with no treats or any other kinds of food whatsoever, indefinitely. Jefe asked the vet if we could try re-introducing different ingredients at some point, as one would do with a human who had an unexplained allergy — the vet told him that this might be possible if their office were affiliated with a university, and then changed the subject. Hmmm… Wow, that’s really helpful.
So like any other San Franciscan mom, I have begun investigating alternatives — and there are plenty! Different pet owners tout different versions of a raw food diet, and everyone is convinced that her particular diet is exactly what nature intended our mini-wolves to eat. It’s like this shit, only with dogs. Reading this NYT article about the raw food quandary confirms my understanding that, as with alternative diets for humans, all we have is anecdotal evidence in support, and science-y extrapolation in opposition. Basically, we know nothing for sure about whether a raw diet is a godsend or a trend. Also very helpful.
I’m not sure where to go from here. I have nightmares that Ace will always be sick, and that her enigmatic signs and symptoms will morph and worsen. Will I be able to handle it, emotionally and financially? If science has no definitive answers, how does one proceed? Hopefully I’ll get struck by the same bolt of lightning or drink the same paper Dixie cup of Kool-Aid as that beautiful ginger model and her two perfect Huskies in the NYT article, and the sheer power of the placebo effect will transform Ace’s colon into a perfect poo machine. Until the Rapture, however, I guess I’ll just keep feeding her canned pumpkin and doggie probiotics and say three Hail Marys and have Jefe mix me up something stiff to quell my concerns.

Sunday BTs: May

Yesterday, Ace and I took a walk down Valencia during Sunday Streets, and played some fetch in crowded Dolores Park before meeting up with a few Aunties. Being with Ace on such a warm, sunny day, when everyone was happy and out and about, really energized me. These pictures crack me up; you can see how hot and tired she is but how joyful she is at the same time.