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Dress Pup

When aunties visit, things can get crazy. Ace showed off her leather daddy look, which she is in the process of perfecting in preparation for Pride. It was well-received.

And then, a dream reached fruition today when I glued googly eyes onto Ace’s muzzle. To protect the safety and well being of San Franciscans, public transit requires all dogs be muzzled when riding. When your dog has no real snout, you have to use a muzzle that covers her eyes and makes her look like a gimp, so we decided to spruce it up. This is the disturbing result:

Now, Ace is passed out on the couch next to me. I suppose that’s enough trauma for one day.


2 responses to “Dress Pup

  1. Mary Beth ⋅

    Ace rocks! And then I saw the muzzle. Really? Muni makes dogs wear muzzles? Traumatic for Ace, I swear! No wonder the poor pup is now passed out! My Boston, Buddy, sends his Boston kisses from San Jose.

  2. Hey Mary Beth and Buddy! Thanks for checking us out!

    Yes, Muni officially requires a muzzle, which they have been reinforcing lately. Technically, you are also supposed to pay an adult fare for your pup and are not allowed to take her during commute hours, which are 5-9am and 3-7pm!! I’m glad they don’t get on my case about those other rules, or Ace and I would need to put a basket on my bike. Hmm, maybe we should do that anyway…


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