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Little trip over the Golden Gate

Yesterday, Jefe and I packed up the pup and boarded the 76 Marin Headlands, a Muni bus that inexplicably runs every hour on Sunday trucking (mostly) tourists from SF to Ft. Cronkhite. We’d been to Muir Beach before for hiking and site-seeing, but never with the little one, and had been meaning to do so for some time. The temperature rose in the Bay Area this weekend, so we decided to make our move.

Once we passed through the Marina, it was clearly foggy. I had worn shorts against my better judgment, but Ace seemed perfectly content in the chill. I guess that’s because she was running for about 1.5 hours straight.

Her recall has improved tremendously! She flirted with other people’s Frisbees and even approached a downed kite, but (nearly) every time she listened to me call out to her. It really impresses me to watch her inhibition develop from less than nothing to its current state.

After all the sandwiches were eaten, and Ace had eaten all of the sand, we took our sleepy, chilly selves back on the ridiculous 76 and headed home, satisfied by the change in scenery.

I awoke this morning to Jefe telling me not to be upset… There was a big, sandy poop on the kitchen floor, the obvious product of a little dog diving head-first into the beach after the ball over and over again. Ah, the memories.


One response to “Little trip over the Golden Gate

  1. ucscjeff ⋅

    “Big pile of poopy sand” might be more accurate. Either way, I guess that’s what happens when you eat ALL THE SAND.

    Hey, she’s just like Meatwad!


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