In-Flight BT

On the flight from Philly back to San Francisco, I was fortunate enough to be seated next to a genuine Boston fanatic (not to be confused with the Phillie Phanatic ).

I didn’t have to worry if Ace’s nose took up too much of her arm rest, and I also had some nice conversation!

Today, I received an email with photos of Ace during our cross-country journey. What a nice treat; thanks, Sarah!!

My Anti-drug is Ace

After a crappy, crappy work week, I got to see this:

A few minutes later, this happened:

And also this:

And then Jefe bought me flowers. Awww. I love the weekend.


Ace and I are visiting my East Coast family.

Yesterday, Ace did several things for the first time:
1. She met her brand new human baby cousin.
2. She ate a tiny piece of crab meat.
3. She puked all over the place.
I have photos of #1 only.

It was such a treat meeting my cousin’s newborn daughter. It was even cuter seeing Ace being gentle with her. I gave her extra cuddles afterwards.