Bernal BT

Our weekend adventures continue!
Last night, just as I slipped my dress out of the dry cleaning plastic and zipped myself in, I heard El Jefe groan… with disgust. Ace spontaneously puked all down the stairs. We were headed to a wedding and were T minus 15 minutes away from needing to catch a specific train. I ended up missing the wedding so I could watch Ace and make sure she was okay; she had never vomited before except once, after eating her kibble up way too fast. The creepiest part of the evening (Isn’t there always a creepy part of your evenings? No? Oh…) was when I could hear her stomach gurgling from across the room. I am glad I became an adult around the same time as the Internet became mature, because in this case, as in so many others, a quick Google search prevented me from freaking out (solution: feed the damn dog and it will stop).
Other than some poor poops, Ace was her usual self today. We took her up to Bernal Hill right as the fog was careening over Twin Peaks and spilling into the sunny valley below us. Bernal is in the central southeastern part of the city, a bald protrusion in an otherwise densely populated residential area. The hike up is a bit steep, but the view is absolutely spectacular. San Franciscans are known worldwide as insane, but I think our forefathers who plotted out the streets over this wild terrain were more out of their minds than even the edgiest hipster.
But no one, no one is as insane as Ace with a ball. Oh my.

Our First Anniversary

One year ago today, Jefe and I made the trek out to the Central Valley to meet our girl and bring her home. I was so very nervous: Could I care for this little being? I wish I could say that I am now thoroughly convinced of my abilities, and truly, I mostly am. But I still have my moments, like today during our walk when I caught myself thinking we should be working on training new commands more often, and were her daily walks with Rachel enough, and should I be worried about environmental toxins more than I already am… It’s a black hole, a revolving door, questions without answers.
Just like that very special day, one year ago, when I first spotted her, being carried out of a pen of puppies, her little ears floppy, her eyes bright and searching, today I looked into my little girl’s face, and was distracted from my worries. I was, and am, absorbed in her earthly perfection, her present-focus, her lips and eyes and spotted head. Whatever I’ve done, it is enough, and whatever I am required to do in the future, well, that will be enough, too. As long as I am still arrested by the mere sight of her, from that time in the morning when I wake up and find her pressed up against me, to the time I rest my head against the pillow we share (we really do), then how could I not be moved to do what is right by her? What room is there for anxiety and doubt when we are both right here, and right here is magical?
I am so thankful for all the people who help me give Ace the best of everything every day. I am so thankful I can put my fears aside and have her next to me no matter the challenges and heartache that will invariable find us. I have not always been so brave.

Point Isabel

Jefe and I decided to go on a little adventure with the wee one yesterday. Point Isabel is a massive off-leash dog park in the East Bay that hugs the shoreline around, of all things, a Costco. I had heard it was an incredible place to let your pup roam free, but we had never visited it because it’s difficult to access without a car. With a combination of BART and a Zipcar piloted by Jefe himself, we spent a few glorious, sunny hours watching Ace explore. These photos make it look more remote than it actually is; the park was filled with (mostly) well-behaved dogs of all kinds. There is even a cafe where you can order your coffee or snacks from a window and enjoy them on park benches or while you stroll. Your dog can even swim in an inlet, if your dog is the swimming type. This is a beautiful place where folks with dogs can mingle and experience a bit of community.

Back with BT

When I came home Monday evening after nine days visiting Black Rock City and reunited with Ace, I could not believe it — she looked even cuter than I remembered her! How is that possible? I have never been away from her for that long, and I could not Skype or even call El Jefe to inquire about her well being. When she came bounding down the stairs to greet me, I began unexpectedly to cry. She let out a little bark, hopped into my lap where I had kind of collapsed onto the stairs, and pressed her little body into mine. We sat like that for what seemed like a long time before moving the party to the couch (with a brief and very necessary stop in the shower for Mama).
I missed writing here so much that today I used my crappy camera’s phone to take some pictures for this post.

 Ace and I dialed up Parker’s daddy en route to Duboce Park, and they joined us soon after. While the two old friends were busy frolicking as if they are the same size, a little guy with a big head seamlessly joined in their play. After a few minutes chatting with the dog’s mama, we realized it was Cooper, Ace and Parker’s fellow Zipdog!
We had a nice time watching the friends enjoy each other’s weekend company.

 It’s great to be home.