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Back with BT

When I came home Monday evening after nine days visiting Black Rock City and reunited with Ace, I could not believe it — she looked even cuter than I remembered her! How is that possible? I have never been away from her for that long, and I could not Skype or even call El Jefe to inquire about her well being. When she came bounding down the stairs to greet me, I began unexpectedly to cry. She let out a little bark, hopped into my lap where I had kind of collapsed onto the stairs, and pressed her little body into mine. We sat like that for what seemed like a long time before moving the party to the couch (with a brief and very necessary stop in the shower for Mama).
I missed writing here so much that today I used my crappy camera’s phone to take some pictures for this post.

 Ace and I dialed up Parker’s daddy en route to Duboce Park, and they joined us soon after. While the two old friends were busy frolicking as if they are the same size, a little guy with a big head seamlessly joined in their play. After a few minutes chatting with the dog’s mama, we realized it was Cooper, Ace and Parker’s fellow Zipdog!
We had a nice time watching the friends enjoy each other’s weekend company.

 It’s great to be home.



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