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Point Isabel

Jefe and I decided to go on a little adventure with the wee one yesterday. Point Isabel is a massive off-leash dog park in the East Bay that hugs the shoreline around, of all things, a Costco. I had heard it was an incredible place to let your pup roam free, but we had never visited it because it’s difficult to access without a car. With a combination of BART and a Zipcar piloted by Jefe himself, we spent a few glorious, sunny hours watching Ace explore. These photos make it look more remote than it actually is; the park was filled with (mostly) well-behaved dogs of all kinds. There is even a cafe where you can order your coffee or snacks from a window and enjoy them on park benches or while you stroll. Your dog can even swim in an inlet, if your dog is the swimming type. This is a beautiful place where folks with dogs can mingle and experience a bit of community.



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