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Area Dog Makes Relatively Painless Visit to the Vet

Today, Ace, Jefe, and I are celebrating Ace’s clean bill of health at the vet. I decided to celebrate because there have been so many visits during the past year when things weren’t so uneventful. I suppose “healthy” isn’t the best word — more like “thriving,” “fit,” or “all muscular like The Incredible Hulk Dog” (okay, the last one is mine, not the vet’s). Ace’s vet was so astounded by her body building that she asked for info on our fantastic dog walker so she could send her own pups for a workout.
Ace impressed me in other ways today. She rode an elevator today — twice — walking in and out on her own four feet. She stuck to my side all day long as I bemoaned my nasty cold and blew my nose constantly. She even did okay in the bathtub, only once shaking a pelt’s full of soapy water on me. I can’t believe how grown up my little buddy is becoming.



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