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Thanks Be to BT

Dearest Ace,
Even though you have been puking since some unidentifiable time in the early morning, when you were entwined with your people and the sheets; even though your anal glands juice us liberally every time we exhale in relaxation; even though you are so cute you make me cry —
Even though all this, my dearest, I am thankful for your little life, and for the pleasure/pain of being your Dog Mama.
Love, Your fluid-tolerating Mama
P.S. I am now going to post some embarrassing pictures of you being forced to pose with the lopped-off top of a butternut squash, because I have opposable thumbs and a bigger cortex. Mwahaha!


One response to “Thanks Be to BT

  1. Mary Beth ⋅

    Love this! Ace looks totally thrilled to be tortured with a butternut squash ‘lid’!


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