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Boston the Builder

Jefe and I are at the phase in our move where we have reduced the solid, marching maze of boxes to islands of boxes scattered, half opened, throughout every room of the apartment. Then, predictably, we decided to purchase more crap to hold our crap after giving away or selling slightly crappier versions of our crap. I imagine Ace’s confusion morphs daily.
On Sunday we were kicking ass and assembled a wardrobe and two dressers from Ikea. Ace sat on the couch for some of the time, and then she hopped off and this happened:
Poor little girl! She sat right on her Ikea-building Mama and wouldn’t get up. It was like she was saying, That’s enough now. After we made fun of her and took some photos I gave her some proper cuddles. We decided she might enjoy the safety of her crate, and she promptly fell asleep once we placed her inside.
Ace seems to be doing well with the move, even though it has obviously been stressful for her. It has been stressful for us, too, so I’m not surprised! We will be happy when we are finally moved in and can get back to being lazy and predictable.



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