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Ace Comes Home

Ace is home and I can finally breathe again. We laid her in a blanket and I fed her kibble by hand, and then sang to her while we shared a banana. She is sleeping next to me on the couch and is slipping into a dream.

Ace’s body is so different. I did not expect the shaved square on her lower back, but then recalled she’d had an epidural. I found her surgical wounds to be pretty brutal; they are much larger than mine, and my knee is the size of her head! What a crazy ordeal. What a brave little girl.


2 responses to “Ace Comes Home

  1. the 3 ems

    Hi Ace – We are sorry to hear you needed surgery. You are such a brave girl. Today Mom is going to bake some treats in your honor – she has called them Ace’s Pumpkin Bacon n Parsley Bites – smooches and get well ♥ from the 3m’s

  2. Wow, thanks guys! What a nice treat. Ace loves pumpkin, bacon, and parsley, so this is a high honor.


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