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I realized today that it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I can’t help but reflect on how much Ace’s life has changed recently, how limited it has become. I can tell she’s bored, yet she’s so ready at a moment’s notice for all the fun to come back. I can see it in her face when I accidentally step on a stuffie or when we approach the crosswalk but instead turn back towards the house. She’s ready to go, anytime I ask, back to playtime.
I wish I could tell her what was up, and that she could understand.
Viewed from another perspective, things are going quite well. We are exceedingly fortunate that so far there have been no complications from her surgery or in the healing process. Her scars are all but invisible as the silky hair grows back on her thighs. We have one more Adequan injection to give Tuesday evening, and a follow-up visit with the surgeon in a week. Somehow we have managed to keep her from harming herself. This is no small feat!
I’m also thankful we were able to afford her surgery, that my job let me go home to care for her at lunch, that I’m not a single pet parent. Today I was approached by a homeless woman and her small dog, asking for money for a veterinary procedure. The dog had little bows tied in its long fur but it looked tired, and so did its owner. I gave her information on different charities and wished her luck. I get asked for money ten times a day, but seeing her desperation made me nauseous. I wonder what I would do in her situation, or rather what I wouldn’t do, to keep Ace alive.
So I guess things really aren’t all that bad here in limbo. We’ll just keep waiting, and if we wait long enough, if we’re really patient and still, maybe we’ll get lucky again and we’ll have our playtime back. I wish I could tell her that I miss fetch almost as much as she does.


2 responses to “Limbo

  1. Mary Beth ⋅

    Thank you for this precious update on Ace. You write so well and express the feelings so many dog guardians bump into. Ace will play fetch again! Our Buddy says so. Patience is a virtue… and it really is! The photo is a smiling lil Boston face. Love it!

  2. Mary Beth, THANK YOU and Buddy so much! It is nice to hear your words of encouragement. She is smiling, isn’t she? šŸ™‚


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