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8 responses to “Saturdog Morning

  1. Mom ⋅

    I think Ace is feeling very relaxed!!

  2. She really was! She is quite long when she extends her back legs. It’s frightening.

  3. Kyle ⋅

    Can Ace get her nose up on your counter tops? I know in my kitchen, where the counter is 3-3.5 feet high, my Frankie gets his nose up there and can snatch stuff.

  4. Kyle, no she can’t, thank god! She is about 15 lbs., so quite petite even for a BT. I can’t imagine trying to cook if she were able to swipe veggies from the counter. How much does Frankie weigh?

    • Kyle ⋅

      Frankie is among the more massive BT’s that I have met. He usually weighs somewhere around 28lbs. Here is a comparison shot of a BT of similar size to Ace, and Frankie. My booger is the one in front.

    • Kyle ⋅

      No problems. Gotta spread the BT love.

      And athletic does not begin to cover it. That dog will play for hours until he falls over.

      And I just read your petite comment. 15 lbs is within breed standard. I have seen reports of them being as small as 10lbs.


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