Ace has paid off 2% of her surgery bill! Great job!

Presidio National Bark

I’ve been dreaming of a weekend vacation where Jefe, Ace, and I could explore hiking trails together, share a picnic, and stay overnight in a rustic little cottage somewhere in the North Bay. However, because Ace has a few weeks to go before she can resume her regular level of activity, we decided to postpone such an excursion. As a compromise, I researched what San Francisco could offer us for an outdoor diversion this sunny Saturday. If you live in the area and have never visited the Presidio, you might be as surprised and delighted as we were to check it out. Sometimes I forget I live in a place where people from all over the world visit on vacation.

The Presidio really showcases some of those sought-after treasures, but unlike other SF destinations you don’t have to dodge tourists while you’re trying to enjoy yourself. The trail system is well signed and takes you on some interesting adventures, such as this serene overlook near the National Cemetery with stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge (and Ace). It’s not the kind of weekend getaway I had in mind, but watching Ace happily burn herself out hiking briefly on flat trails reminded me that we’ve got a little more work to do before she’s back to baseline.

Ace received some good news from her surgeon today — her knees continue to heal splendidly. He recommended we increase Ace’s physical activity gradually over the next month to prepare her for her return to Fort Funston and the ZipDogs. I am disappointed that she can’t return immediately to her old routine. But I also appreciate that she has recovered — is still recovering — from major surgery. I am putting together a conditioning schedule à la Rocky IV, beginning today with ten minutes of off-leash Boston explosion at the rec center’s dog run. Ace chased a four-month-old puppy in huge circles until they were both dizzy and covered in slobber-caked mud. Watching all four meaty legs gallop in unison was a beautiful sight indeed.