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If you still have nightmares about the ’80s, look at this cute puppy.


5 responses to “Every BT Has Its Thorn

  1. mary beth chan ⋅

    Ace looks ready for the part! Soooo cute. All Buddy has is a coat for cold weather. He must be deprived! Ha!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Ace hates clothing, so it was fun to write a review where I *had* to dress her up. When you put clothes on her she just stops moving. The only exception is when we visit the East Coast in the winter — she likes the coat Santa brought last year!

      • mary beth chan ⋅

        Indeed they stop moving. And all I can do is dissolve into giggles. Problem: I can’t find the Dogster review on “Chasing Ace”, should I just go to Dogster?

  2. mary beth chan ⋅

    Duh! Found it, sorry! ;-}


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