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I get paid to write about dog poop. This is my life.

It's a necessary evil


3 responses to “Ace Drops a Deuce

  1. Mary Beth ⋅

    You got me this time, Ace’s Mom. I’ve used enough doggie waste bags over the years and believed I knew how. However, once I have picked up Buddy’s offering and the bag comes off my hand, it is finished forever! How does one grab the bonus offering anyhow using an already used bag? That could prove quite useful in our condo complex where I find myself picking up after many dogs, not just my own. 😦

    • It takes some practice, but is possible! You hold the poo from the outside of the bag and kind of open the bag around your hand. It’s like your holding the outside of a flower vase base (the poo) and the opening kind of unfolds over your hand. So the opening protects your hand from the poo by unfolding over it. You can then pick up a second poo if you are careful. And YES, it is very useful for picking up other dogs’ abandoned poo when you are out walking.

      • mary beth chan ⋅

        I appreciate how your mind works. You explained this in such a way that I actually get it! However, although I now understand, I don’t think I will practice it (ha ha). Somehow I just can’t convince myself that saving a bag is worth risking getting friendly with my dog’s poop! Back to the original purpose of all this, your review. I would use this latest gadget before I would try the first one you reviewed. It was simply too complicated for this grandma! Thanks Ace’s Mama. 🙂


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