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Nothing but soap and water can clean this stinky dog. Lucky me!


5 responses to “Stinky Dog

  1. Mary Beth ⋅

    OMG, more great Ace photos. Posted Ace & cat wipes to my FB page. Ace giving her stink eye! Hee hee! Personally I do not care for floral scents…

    • That is one of my favorite photos of her ever. LOOK at that face!

      • mary beth chan ⋅

        exactly, look at her face! Many folks liked that photo I shared on FB. Buddy has a Wubba monkey and he loves it! Could it be the face or simply a great size for these Bostons? I sure don’t know. Anyhow, LOVE your reviews and Ace’s blog. I hope someday I can show you a photo of Buddy. 🙂

  2. Kyle ⋅

    your link is busted… you missed the : after the http.

    Going to read the article now, should be just as good as all your other ones 🙂


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