Bachelorette Pad

Jefe is visiting relatives, and for the first time Ace and I are without him yet in our own home. I’m surprised by how thrown off she is by his absence, but writing that seems weird because she is an animal of routine. I’m also such an animal, but unlike Ace I understand why these things happen and can use that understanding to cope accordingly. Instead, she just gets up suddenly from the couch and walks over to the front door, hopeful that the random noise outside is her Jefe returning. It doesn’t matter what I do, she’s not settled without him.
I keep sending Jefe crappy cell phone selfies like this:

Her photos from her daily adventures look like she’s having fun, though. For example, this:

And also, strangely, this:

Jefe should return home this weekend, and all will be right again in our little world.

Lil Jankyfoot

Ace had her bandage removed last Friday, and her foot looks like it’s healing well. However, the vet advised us to prohibit off-leash play this week to give it more time to heal well. It’s remarkable how much energy Ace has without daily hardcore exercise. We get a lot of faces like this:

Today she was so hyper when I got home that instead of walking her I just chased her around our 10′ x 10′ “yard” until she was panting. Poor girl.

Flipper the Lemon

I realized I hadn’t written a post in awhile about Ace getting injured, so we paid a visit to the vet today. Actually, I never wrote about Ace’s penultimate injury because we were doing final prep for Burning Man when Ace tore her self a new asshole. Yes, that’s right — the Tuesday before we left for Burning Man, the day were were supposed to bring all of our belongings to a friend’s house so that we could pack the truck the next day, we got a very calm text from Miss Rachel stating that Ace had a minor injury to her anus. The first thing I thought when I saw the blood and the piece of her butt hanging by a thread was: “How the hell am I going to keep that from getting infected?” Off to the emergency vet we went for some antibiotics. The best part was that Ace never seemed to notice that she had a tear in her asshole. We didn’t even have to break out our Cone of Shame.

What is wrong with this picture? 
So it’s been a few weeks without an incident, which for Ace is a long time. Earlier this week, she tore her paw pad while playing with the Zipdogs. I tried to keep it clean and dry, but the wound included several flaps of paw pad skin that I couldn’t clean underneath. I finally broke down this morning and took her to the vet, where they found some sand in there (ouch) when they cleaned the wound.

I really appreciate the incredible sense of humor of the vet or vet tech who bandaged her paw. You can’t really see it in this picture, but the orange tape has the word “BOO!” meticulously cut from vet tape and emblazoned across the side. I have so many questions: How many colors do they have back there? Who gets to decide what color is used? Can patients make a special request?

Chillin with Flipper 
Leaving the vet, we were accosted by our usual swarm of Ace-lovers, which always increases in number when we are at the vet because such a place attracts animal lovers. Today, her fans were more numerous and enthusiastic than ever, because nothing is cuter than an adorable animal with a deformity. I have taken to calling her Flipper because of how she walks with the bandage on. Also, we were given some kind of IV bag to tie over her bandage when she is outside to keep it dry, so she looks even more like a part-dog, part-sea creature deranged mutant when she walks while wearing the bag.

Ain't no lemon 
No Fort Funston this week, little guy. I’m going to keep trying to save you from yourself, but yes, I am going to make fun of your flipper leg. Even though a receptionist referred to you as a “lemon” for always being broken and busted up, you’re MY lemon, and you’re pretty damn sweet.