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Bachelorette Pad

Jefe is visiting relatives, and for the first time Ace and I are without him yet in our own home. I’m surprised by how thrown off she is by his absence, but writing that seems weird because she is an animal of routine. I’m also such an animal, but unlike Ace I understand why these things happen and can use that understanding to cope accordingly. Instead, she just gets up suddenly from the couch and walks over to the front door, hopeful that the random noise outside is her Jefe returning. It doesn’t matter what I do, she’s not settled without him.
I keep sending Jefe crappy cell phone selfies like this:

Her photos from her daily adventures look like she’s having fun, though. For example, this:

And also, strangely, this:

Jefe should return home this weekend, and all will be right again in our little world.


2 responses to “Bachelorette Pad

  1. Jefe ⋅

    I’m not settled without you two either. 😦

    Scratch them neck-rolls for me.

  2. Mary Beth ⋅

    The photo of Ace all stretched out is so amazing. Love all of the pictures. Understand the upset caused by routine change. Buddy just seems lost whenever either my husband or I are not home. He can’t really relax until we are both here and I imagine he acts similarly when we leave him alone (which is rare).


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