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Writing Fool, Flying Fool

I had a two articles published on Dogster this week. They are keeping me busy! Besides my usual product review, I wrote about how Ace is a little cheerleader, which you all know by now.
I’m scheduled to write a few more holiday gift guides this week, which basically involves a lot of getting lost on the Internet looking at dog stuff, but without all the guilt that normally accompanies such frivolity. Writing bits and pieces for Dogster has been a fun distraction from some of the less-fun aspects of my regular work life, and it makes me feel more connected to other dog owners despite having only one friend who owns a dog.
In other news, Ace and I are gearing up for our biannual visit to the East Coast. Right now I’ve got a few dog jackets and sweaters in my laundry hamper, waiting to be washed on the delicate cycle so Little Miss Hairless and Fatless can survive in the harsh Mid-Atlantic climate. Traveling with her is always more stressful than traveling without her, because I worry about her well-being and comfort incessantly for about eight hours straight. I always feel better having her with me during my visits, but it is unnerving to care about someone else so much in the unpredictable environment of a modern American airport and cross-country flight. I really shouldn’t worry, though — Ace is so charming and adorable that the whole world bends over backwards to kiss her spotted head, no matter where we go.



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