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3 responses to “Happy 2014!

  1. Mary Beth ⋅

    First, amazing photo. But then there is the beautiful Ace…omg! Love her collar and her ‘pose’, everything is just perfect. I got an awesome collar from Kin Collars on Etsy. Kin is a Santa Cruz location so it felt like shopping a small local business. It’s leather and very soft and very attractive!

    Happy New Year, 2014, to Ace and her family.

    Mary Beth Chan

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    • Happy New Year, Mary Beth! 🙂 Thank you for reading (and also for the referral to Kin Collars – Is that your Buddy on their Etsy page? If so, he is quite a handsome boy!).

      • Mary Beth ⋅

        Yes, that is Buddy on Kin’s Etsy page, thanks! And Happy New Year to you also.

        We just take one step at a time as stuff arises. Buddy developed a skin condition in November last year, folliculitis (hair follicles dying, hair falling out, not pretty). He was on antibiotics for 3 weeks and is still having medicated baths every 2 weeks. Then a couple of weeks ago, he developed an ear infection which also requires antibiotic cream in his ear for 10 days. Then, since he sheds something awful with each bath, he is also on Omega 3 possibly for life, don’t know. His achilles heel seems to be his coat. As you know, none of this is inexpensive but I can’t deny him anything. Somehow we manage. He is our little boy after all 🙂


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