About a BT

At first glance, this is the story of a puppy dog. Hailing from the sun-baked Central Valley of the mighty state of California, my dear readers will follow along with this tiny BT as she exchanges her small town roots for the Big City of San Francisco and a new name, a name that announces her greatness, a name for little paws and tiny ears to grow into, a name to destroy with ferocity all other names in its path — Ace.
And yet, in many respects, this is the story of a girl. Well, really, of a woman, a transplant herself from humble beginnings, who, it seems, almost suddenly and with little warning, emerged from a cocoon of textbooks, unpaid labor, and bleak, sleepless confusion, and spread the wings of her own new name:  Doctor. But something was missing.
So, I suppose, my lovely, intelligent, spellbound readers, that, really, this is the story of a girl chasing a puppy, round and round, like a puppy chasing its tail, or a girl chasing a dream. It would come to pass that finding the little puppy out in the sticks, acres and acres away from from a fixie, a cappuccino, or a pair of black, crotch-cupping jeans, would be, paradoxically, the first of many baby steps the pair would take together in their journey towards that symbiotic nirvana of puppy and Mama.


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