BT Links

General BT info:
The American Kennel Club
The Boston Terrier Club of America
BTs on Animal Planet
BT Rescues in California:
Wonderdog Rescue, San Francisco
Bostons by the Bay, San Francisco Bay Area
Boston Brigade, Southern California
Boston Buddies, Southern California BTs in California and beyond
YouTube Videos: The Next Best Thing to Your Own BT!
BT vs. kitten
BT con periquito
Swimming BTs
Bouncing BT set to horrible music
BT and BT pup romping
Fear the dreaded BT tongue
The most patient of mothers
Snoring BT
God loves a (Boston) terrier (adapted from the fabulous Best in Show)
Making biscuits
Working out
BT family
BT Blogs
Fuck Yeah, Boston Terriers!


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