Ace donates her time to chewing, and makes some crazy faces.

Catching Up with Your Favorite Boston

I have been terrible at keeping up this blog lately. Let this not reflect poorly upon Ace’s commitment to adventure and mayhem! She has been up to her usual antics recently, including modeling, tugging, and sprinting.

In other news, it has been WAY TOO LONG since I posted any of Ace’s product reviews. Here’s a roundup, and I promise to link to them weekly from now on (bad Mama): Ace has hunted the iFetch, packed the K9 Cube, participated in a Frisbee sampling and a durable toy taste test, caught a ride on the Pet-A-Roo, snuggled beneath Molly Mutt’s crate cover, bundled fashionably in Teckelklub’s Fuzzie, and today she tore up PrideBrites toys. Whew, what a busy girl!

I’ve been lax recently about linking to my Dogster reviews. Since I’m particularly proud of the photos Jefe took for my most recent review, and because I like how cute Ace is in all these photos, AND because Timbuk2 is awesome, I’m hoppin’ back on the horse and linking to my latest review here. If you want to catch up on Ace’s misadventures in modelling, check out Soggy Doggy, H-DuO, and Luv-A-Pet toys, as well as the up-and-coming Foobler.

Writing Fool, Flying Fool

I had a two articles published on Dogster this week. They are keeping me busy! Besides my usual product review, I wrote about how Ace is a little cheerleader, which you all know by now.
I’m scheduled to write a few more holiday gift guides this week, which basically involves a lot of getting lost on the Internet looking at dog stuff, but without all the guilt that normally accompanies such frivolity. Writing bits and pieces for Dogster has been a fun distraction from some of the less-fun aspects of my regular work life, and it makes me feel more connected to other dog owners despite having only one friend who owns a dog.
In other news, Ace and I are gearing up for our biannual visit to the East Coast. Right now I’ve got a few dog jackets and sweaters in my laundry hamper, waiting to be washed on the delicate cycle so Little Miss Hairless and Fatless can survive in the harsh Mid-Atlantic climate. Traveling with her is always more stressful than traveling without her, because I worry about her well-being and comfort incessantly for about eight hours straight. I always feel better having her with me during my visits, but it is unnerving to care about someone else so much in the unpredictable environment of a modern American airport and cross-country flight. I really shouldn’t worry, though — Ace is so charming and adorable that the whole world bends over backwards to kiss her spotted head, no matter where we go.

I fell in love with a climbing rope leash.

I wrote a gift guide this week, too. I’m excited to say I’m writing several small articles for Dogster this month. It’s a great change from my usual work routine, and I really like getting to talk about Ace to whomever will listen. Keep ’em comin’!