Have you ever had the unsettling experience of worrying about something intensely, and juuust when your positive self-talk started working you get confirmation that you might have been on to something with your anxiety? Yeah, so that happened today.

I found a whole collection of these at Goodwill. They would have come home with me and decorated my entire kitchen had they not cost $7.99 EACH. Wow!


UPDATE: I was doing a little research, and people on eBay are selling these plates for twice the price! Holy Boston! Antiques Roadshow, here we come…

If you’re interested, they are called the Danbury Mint Cherished Boston Terriers collection.

I am delighted by this New York Times article about a family who pooled their resources to save their old dog’s life:
“We were as high at the sight of our dog, tail wagging and on his feet again, as Max was on the methadone they had given him for post-op pain. A mere six grand for bringing our guy back from death’s door? A bargain!”